The 2 Types of People Needed for Success


John Kotter’s classic, Leading Change, makes a powerful distinction between management and leadership. Kotter says that management is focused on the effective maintenance of the status quo, i.e. they keep things going. In contrast, leadership is about a vision for the future; it is about moving things in a new direction.

Every organization needs both types: competent managers and effective leaders. Most human resource programs focus on management programs. Many confuse leadership development with management programs.

How are we building leader-ful organizations?

How are we ensuring that we can sustain organizations and keep them adaptive enough to a rapidly changing world?



A Secret For Getting Inspiration


The other day, I was sitting in meditation, doing my weekly visioning session. I kept trying to listen really hard for the Divine vision for my life. I got… nothing.

Then, I decided to relax, told myself, “I am open to Life’s vision for my life,” and just opened myself up. Soon, insights came flooding into my heart-mind.

When we work out, it’s not keeping the muscle tense that allows it to grow and become stronger. Rather, it is in relaxing it. So too is it with inspiration: We must relax and not try. In so doing, Life naturally provides what we need.

My Focus in August


In Silos, Politics, and Turf Wars, Patrick Lencioni introduces the concept of the thematic goal as a means of creating common agreement and alignment among team members through a rallying cry. Without explaining too much (he explains it much more powerfully in his must-read books!), out of all of the things that will move you towards your long-term vision, the thematic goal is the one thing upon which you would focus over a specified course of time.

The thematic goal isn’t just a device for breaking down the silos at work. It’s an effective tool for personal development. This year is really shaping up to be about finding healthy ways to cope with the changes in my life. I have focused on a lot of different things to make that happen. In August, I will focus on maintaining new routines that provide the structure for my new life without Aaron. Some of the new routines include: regular exercise and self-care; meditation and prayer; and journaling. The power lies in this thematic goal serving as my compass in the next few weeks.

What other thematic goals during what time periods lie ahead?