On Personal Limits as Strength


This week, the stress of a major work event and having to juggle two different jobs definitely affected me profoundly. I found myself saying, “I can’t do this anymore!”

For someone who is an overachiever, this was a very difficult thing to admit. Confronting my limits has, in my own history, meant failure and defeat.

And yet I found that acknowledging my personal limits was an act of power. For it is truly accepting my boundaries that I am able to begin to have a baseline from which to move and grow.

How ironic that recognizing our limits does not mean failure but rather the possibility of transformation.


The Warrior Spirit


I had a firm (read: tough) conversation with my therapist today. I was reflecting on how, this time last year, I had just moved in with Aaron; I was in the midst of having a breakthrough with my compulsive behavior; and I was the happiest I’d ever been. My therapist really got me to see that, although Aaron played a major role in my life at that time, it was because I had put in structures for my own fulfillment that I was enjoying authentic happiness.

Fast forward to today: My life looks nothing like I thought it would. And I’ve forgotten that, a year ago, I found my strength and power myself. As I reflected further on this, my therapist brought up the concept of “the warrior spirit.”

That registered for me. My very first tattoo is, in fact, a symbol of Oxossi, one of the three Warriors of my African diasporic religion. Oxossi’s bow and three arrows is about Focus and Discipline. He is about walking in the world with Integrity and engaging only in Right Action.

Oxossi’s bow and three arrows point towards and protect my heart. They remind me that the path to true Peace and Balance lies in integrating the Warrior Spirit into my life. I am a Warrior, and I create my own happiness!