The Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary


The first three sets of sacred mysteries – the Joyful Mysteries, Sorrowful Mysteries, and Glorious Mysteries – were the original set of mysteries developed centuries ago. In the latter half of his papacy, the late Pope John Paul II added the Luminous Mysteries as a meditation on how Jesus lived his life.

The Luminous Mysteries are so called, because through Jesus’ life, we are shown how he was a light to the world, and therefore, how we might emulate his example. We are shown that we can be the light of hope and love in a world filled with darkness and fear.

How can we bring more light into the world? In which parts of our life can we ask for Divine Light to shine?

I look forward to sharing “Tapping Into the Power of the Holy Rosary,” which will provide digital tools and meditations to help you use the rosary to access your own Wisdom, Courage, and Compassion. Stay tuned!


The Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary


For the past few weeks, I have been exploring the sacred mysteries of the holy rosary as a Lenten meditation on the life of Christ. We’ve explored the Joyful Mysteries and the Sorrowful Mysteries. Now, I turn to the Glorious Mysteries, which explore the defining moment of Christianity, the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

In essence, the Glorious Mysteries are about Fulfillment. The Resurrection of the Lord and his Ascension into heaven are the completion of God’s plan to deliver a world that had lost its way from sin. And these mysteries are also about the fulfillment of the Blessed Mother’s “Yes!” in the Annunciation, when she agreed to bear the Son of God. In both cases, we are taught that the highest good is achieved when we can stay true to Spirit’s calling in our hearts and fulfill on our commitment to It.

Where in our lives can we fulfill on the promise of our highest and greatest good?

Part of fulfilling on my highest good is the development of my digital mini-course on Tapping Into the Power of the Holy Rosary.” I hope this tool will give you the basics for how you can harness the rosary as a meditation on how you can live Spirit’s calling. Look out for it in the coming weeks!

The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary


Last week, I began my reflection on the power of the holy rosary by exploring the Joyful Mysteries. This week, I want to take a look at the Sorrowful Mysteries.

On the surface, the Sorrowful Mysteries refer to the last hours of Jesus before his Crucifixion. And although this is true, this set of sacred mysteries is about much more. It teaches us about resilience and the power of faith. In his example, Jesus teaches us the power of profound acceptance, of acknowledging that there are certain things that every human being, including Christ, must experience, namely suffering and death. More importantly, he teaches us what it means to surrender, to realize that, in the face of suffering and death, the only thing over which we have control is how we greet those moments that try our humanity.

WHO are we in the face of suffering and death? How can we BE with the inevitable trials of life?

In a few weeks, I will be sharing my digital mini-course on “Tapping Into the Power of the Holy Rosary.” This digital audio and e-booklet package is intended to introduce you to the basics of the rosary and how you can begin to use it as a object for meditation. Stay tuned!