On Listening to the Body’s Wisdom


I’ve been doing a lot of exploration, both through my mindfulness practice and through somatic work with my therapist, of the body. It is unfortunate that centuries of a mechanistic and reductivist approach to science has meant that we relate to the body as a machine. It is 0nly in the past two decades that homeopathy and ancient wisdom traditions, like yoga and tai chi, have made a resurgence to reconnect us to our bodies.

As I have written in the past and as Martha Graham was purported to have said, “The body never lies.” It is through the body that we are able to even experience the world. Our senses give us the capacity to have a felt experience of the Universe. Our emotions cause bodily experiences that cue us in on something coming up for us.

Becoming an effective and authentic leader means paying better attention to the body. It means really listening to our gut. It means really leading from the heart. It means really getting into our seat and grounding ourselves in our truth as we experience it.

How might you start listening to the body’s wisdom today?


One thought on “On Listening to the Body’s Wisdom

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