On Welcoming Wisdom


We live in a world of appearances. As much as we might hate to admit it, it is all too easy to put up facades in order avoid shame and hide where we feel we are insufficient and lacking. We’re not young / rich / smart /popular / thin enough, etc. We fall short of our own high expectations and/or that of those whose love we crave.

As I work to create for myself my own brand of authentic leadership, one of the facades I am working to tear down is the fear of saying “I don’t know.” Admitting that I don’t know touches a sense of insecurity and self-doubt that I would rather not explore.

Yet, “I don’t know…” is the preamble to a more courageous declaration:

I don’t know right now, and I am open and available to Life’s Wisdom.

This is an act of humility that invites a greater Wisdom to come forth. It is not a commentary on a perpetual state of ignorance, but rather acknowledgment of the changing nature of Life and that Wisdom is available to us once we makes ourselves available to it.


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