On Change and the Present Moment


I haven’t had much time to write, because there has been a lot of change in my life as of late. In particular, I have assumed new responsibilities as the leader for the nonprofit children’s museum for which I work. Sufficed to say, my life has been awash in change energy!

In the midst of change and transition, it is very easy to become unhinged, to lose one’s anchor in the thralls of Life‘s storms. In one of those moments, I happened to be listening to the audiobook, The Noble Heart by Pema Chodron. She was teaching about the present moment. Then, it occurred to me in a flash:

If things are always in transition, then we should enjoy the present moment, because it’ll only be that way in that moment!

So I stopped walking in my “on the way to…” fashion, lifted my face up to the sky, and drunk in the warmth of the sunlight. …


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