Living in a Perfectly Self-Organizing Universe


One of the most powerful ideas to me is the notion of the perfectly self-organizing system. Prior posts have spoken to how the Big Bang is an example of a system expanding to become more complex as a means of evolving and realizing a system’s inherent potential. The qualification on this is that any system – be it molecules being agitated in a heating chamber, the cells of the body, or traffic on the freeway – will not be any more complex than it needs to be. In other words, part of being a perfectly self-organizing system is the idea that systems tend to be as simple as they need to be.

The other part of being a self-organizing system is that the equilibrium point for the system is that it tends towards simplicity. A system naturally gravitates towards whatever is the most efficient and effective for keeping the system going.

If the Universe is one ginormous, perfectly self-organizing system of energy, imagine then that everything that happens in it is continually adjusting to ensure that the Universal system is maintaining equilibrium.

In other words, the Universe is a perfectly self-organizing system predisposed to having things work out exactly the way it needs to work out, whether we can see it or not!


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