On Embracing “I Don’t Know”


In my post, “On Welcoming the Unknown,” I reflected on how uncertainty is actually a good thing because it means we are treading into territory in which we have yet to inflict a preconceived notion or conditioned response. But when I’m in in the heat of the moment, … when my emotions get the best of me, and the fear of looking stupid and ashamed that I don’t know and don’t have an answer come up, … how does this realization benefit me?

The other half of “I don’t know” is “… but I do know that the answer that I need is already out there and I just to need stay open and engaged.” “I don’t know” is an act of faith in our ability to stay connected to Source. It is declaring that I, in my limited human being have gotten to the edge of what I can do, and I am now trusting Life to guide me to the other side of this.

Be quick to say “I don’t know” because in the vacuum created by my not knowing, Life will fill it with the answer.


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