On Knowing Perfection


If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a firm believer that how we think about a situation, issue or circumstance shapes how we approach and react to it. If you are optimistic about something, then you are more likely to see the silver lining. If you are pessimistic about something, then you might be more prone to experience doubt about things working out.

Lately, I have been confronting higher levels of stress. I am starting to really understanding how a lot of this comes from my perfectionism. Listen to the thoughts of the perfectionist: “This has to be right, or I’ve failed”; “Nothing’s ever good enough”; “Everything has to be in place if this is going to work out”; and my personal favorite, “I trust that it will only work out perfectly if I do it.” Dwelling in this world, I make no room for mistakes. I set the bar too high. I am constantly chasing after a horizon that keeps pulling back from me. As a result, I create for myself unnecessary stress, which I could release simply by letting go of my lofty expectations.

I am starting to see that perfection isn’t about “getting it right.” Rather, to know perfection is to see the uniqueness of every moment. It is to dwell fully in each moment, knowing that there is no other way that moment could be because everything added up to that moment being what it is.


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