On Returning to My Self


As I continue to move through my process of adjusting to being physically apart from Jon again, I get to confront the desire that comes up for me to be something different than who I am now, someone who is worthy of the Love that I receive from him, … someone who does not get to deal with the challenges that I get to confront, especially my addictive behavior.

Yet, as I breathed through my stuff this morning, I noticed how easy and naturally the breath came to me. I noticed how little effort it took to settle down and to have my mind and heart rest in a place where I could move forward into my day. And so I realized:

It doesn’t take effort to be your essential self.

It doesn’t take effort to be naturally happy, loved, and at peace, because when we strip away all of our reservations, misgivings, and memories, Happiness, Love, and Peace is what is left.


7 thoughts on “On Returning to My Self

  1. Lbrysch

    Happiness is not stripping yourself of things to achieve a state of being, but instead are moments in time where we are without rhyme or reason completely happy. Life is breathing, but living as chessy as it sounds are in fact those moments that take your breath away.

    You are a lovely, caring and kind man who has been blessed with a unique sensitivity to recognize pain in others and somehow make it your own – don’t be so hard on yourself – you are doing an amazing job at being YOU and you are amazing.

    Remember, that throughout your journey, there have been many people who have been lucky enough to love you and be loved by you. Use those memories and that love to remind you of how who you are because at your core, you are perfect, so celebrate that.

    Believe me – the man that will dance with you in the kitchen, hold your hand in the hospital room, wipe your tears away and tell you that you are the most beautiful creature in the world is out there waiting just for you and when you meet, your should will recognize each other…remember the universe does have plan. 🙂 Good luck and congratulations on a lovely blog.

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