On Being Alive In This Moment


This quiet weekend has also meant that I get to be with all of the stuff with which I don’t normally want to deal on a daily basis. For the most part, there is a human propensity to shy away from the stuff that doesn’t feel good. We numb, check out, and distract ourselves with our addictions and compulsive behaviors. And at their heart, one thing to keep in mind is that these habit patterns emerged to protect us from hurt. Yet, somehow, these habit patterns kicked into overdrive and took on a life of their own.

As I continue to practice self-compassion towards myself, especially when gripped by these behaviors, I am reminded that each moment in life presents us with an opportunity to feel more alive. Whereas addictions and compulsions serve to numb or deaden, meditating on the present moment gives us an opportunity to really experience Life in its fullness, both in its joys and in its pain.

How can I be fully alive in THIS moment?


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