The One


I think another thing that makes it so difficult for me to be with this transition is that I just can’t shake the feeling that Aaron is “the One.” My friend asked me recently what that means, and it gave me pause as I thought of past relationships in which I thought there was potential yet they were not the One.

My initial response to the query is that the One is the man who I know is everything I want in a lifelong romantic partner. And what is it that I want? He is someone who puts me at ease with his calming, grounded influence. He is able to listen past my self-doubts and remind me that I have much to give to the world. He is a solid communicator, comfortable with his sharing his emotions and powerful in using subtle actions to make a statement. He believes in his capacity to make a difference in the world, that his work might transform the lives of many. He believes in family and is okay with hanging out with my extended family. He is patient. He is kind. … He is the embodiment of Love. …

And I understand that to have the One be in my life, I have to be the One for him. …


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